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Balancing Act

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Food Pyramid

Although the USDA food pyramid has been around since 1992, until 2005 there was not a special children’s food pyramid. It was important to design a food-pyramid for kids because they have different nutritional needs to adults. Children are growing and they need more nutrition for this aspect than do adults. The original food pyramid was designed to try and combat the increasing rates of death through heart disease and other ailments caused by bad diets and lack of nutrition knowledge.

The children’s food pyramid is a lot more accessible for children because it explains things by using colors and geometric patterns. It also graphically explains things by the use of fat and thin. For instance on the children’s food-pyramid that are large sections for fruits and vegetables and grains. These sections start as being quite thick at the bottom of the pyramid and as you go up into the food-pyramid and up through the sections they become extremely thin. This is to say that although an Apple is good for you as a fruit, if you put it into a high with lots of sugar on then it will become less good for you so you should eat less of it.

The food-pyramid also encourages children to eat foods from the different colors. The children’s food-pyramid encourages children to eat foods from each of the food colors every day. It is hoped that with such graphical representations of nutrition that children will have a lot more understanding about the nature of nutrition, and that this nutritional advice will stick in a child’s mind much easier than the traditional food pyramid. It is also hoped that the children’s food-pyramid will help children to encourage their peers, and also the adult relations to make changes to incorporate good nutrition into their lives.

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