Eating Right

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Balancing Act

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How To Be Healthy

Living in this fast-paced society can be a challenge to being healthy. Even the most discipline person, reaching for the fast food options is sometimes easier than stopping long enough to eat right. Nonetheless, it can be done and here are a few healthy tips on How to be healthy on the go. It starts with a healthy attitude, making better food choices and becoming more active.




To be healthy you must adopt a health attitude. You must see the benefit to being healthy if you expect it to happen. Dump that extreme attitude towards being healthy. Everything in moderation should be your new mantra. When your mind is on board your body will follow.




Benefits to being Healthy

  • You Feel Better
  • You Look Better
  • You are More Confident
  • You Sleep Better
  • You Defeat Depression
  • You Live Longer

Making Better Food Choices

It is no secret that your food choices influence your health.

You decide to be healthy or not. It is just that simple. Choose to be healthy and you will be, one-step at a time. You must make the choice to replace your present food choices with better healthy food choices. Additionally, a healthy diet includes organic foods.

Instead of eating white potatoes, replace them with sweet potatoes. Rather than eating white pasta, eat whole wheat. Dump the white rice for the brown rice. Don’t grab for the doughnut on the go, reach for the bran muffin. What deters people from eating healthy is that they feel overwhelmed. The best way to defeat this feeling is not beat yourself up if you do choose the doughnut. Recognize ways that you can be more prepared next time. Change comes easier when you are easier on yourself.

Get Moving

We all know that we should exercise but what you may not know is that the small things add up. Say that you will move more rather than you will exercise. The word exercise can turn most people off but if you say, ”I will pledge to move more in my day” you give yourself more freedom. For instance, if you work on the fifth floor, take a flight of stairs and then the elevator the rest of the way. Work for 45 minutes and then stand and stretch. Walk around the block for lunch instead of sitting in the lunchroom.

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