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Tara Rayburn (pt 2)

tara rayburn’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 2)


My top three healthy living tips that I would like to share with you are:


1) Take 3 deep breaths before each meal and be mindful in chewing your food properly. Doing this can improve your digestion.


2) Vow to get enough sleep 80 to 90% of the time. Your body heals at night. If you do not sleep enough, your body does not heal properly.


3) Consume a source of probiotics every night before bed. This helps your body build its inner ecosystem.



It doesn’t really matter where you start, it just matters that you start somewhere!   It can be as small as purchasing a stainless steel water bottle or as involved as learning how to make homemade soup. Choosing one thing to try on for at least one week starts the ball rolling in the right direction. It just takes that inertia being generated. The decision to improve followed by energy directed toward your goal of being a healthy person now is a powerful thing.




You can find out more about Tara and her journey to live a healthier life by going to: or

Darren Wayne (pt 2)

Darren Wayne’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 3)


Kamala Appel:  It is frustrating to want to help people and to feel like people are pushing against you.  It’s like you’re trying to give someone who is dying of dehydration a glass of water and all of the sudden a sandstorm hit you.  I mean it’s like wow, you’re trying to do a good thing and that you have the system kind of working against you.  That’s part of what I would like to achieve just to be able to empower the everyday person to empower the next everyday person next to them.  So I’m sure you have some great advice to share with people listening to this or reading it.  What would be three easy straightforward tips that you could share with people that would be manageable and really help them stay motivated and live a healthier life?

Darren Wayne:  Yes three, the first one is start reading labels especially the back.  Everyone knows that you can see the ingredients on the label but for some reason people think it’s so complicated.  I don’t know why reading a small label on a bottle is ever complicated?  Just read it and if you can’t read it then ask someone else to read it.  You can see actually what’s in that food but unfortunately people who buy vitamins for example, they will find the cheapest prettiest label they can get their hands on and go, “yippee, I’m getting nutrition!”  But little do they know according to USA Today, MSNBC, and even the LA Times recently said that that vitamin supplements are now increasing the death rate in Americans.  If you look at the ingredients, you’ll see probably 2 to 50 different carcinogens added especially on vitamin labels; they have magnesium stearates, sulfuric acid, silica, guar gum, yellow die #5, and all of these excipients.  If you ingest consistently every single day, it’s going to add up, it doesn’t leave your body like people think.  It stays stored in your fat cells for years building up and eventually when you’re fat cells, your liver and other filtering organs like kidneys too that can’t digest or process these chemicals.  It’s then released to the blood stream and damages organs, and this is where you get a lot of the diseases in this country.  That is one gold key that I gave listeners as to one of the major causes that go unfortunately unnoticed.  Now the second tip is obviously to look for a healthier label.  If you like your cookies and donuts, I’m not saying stop eating it, just find healthier labels.  Start looking for labels that have literal food listed on it like tomatoes, spinach, kale, beef, and cashew you know things that you could buy yourself.  If you see any ingredient that doesn’t sound like a complete food then don’t touch it.

Kamala Appel:  It’s like the Breyer’s ad, ice cream is certainly not something that’s a health food by any means, but when you see the ad with a little kid saying sugar, cream or milk, and vanilla beans versus things that you can’t pronounce that you have to be some kind of chemist to know what it was.

Darren Wayne: Exactly, when you see a word you don’t understand then it must not be a food.  Rely on your common sense, if you do this then you will become a very savvy label reader and you’ll be able to pass that knowledge on to your children so when they grow up, they don’t copy someone else’s bad eating habit.  And so the third thing aside from being able to read labels is you have to take in a good amount of nutrition.  Now I only know of one course online is a food source.  It’s actually a very fitting website called  They specialize  in food so powerful that you cannot find it on any store shelf in America.  No supermarket, no health food store, and it is the last food in the world, a lot of people say that is untouched by man.  So powerful in fact that many stop buying vitamins, minerals, enzyme, probiotics, supplements, protein powders, energy drinks even they get off drugs over time.

Kamala Appel:  And is it a nutrition site?

Darren Wayne:  It is a food site, they do not sell vitamins.  They actually believe what I believe in so I thought it was a Godsend when I found them because now I can tell people instead how to shop and what to buy, how to prepare. I could just say “go there!”  That made my life a lot of easier and believe me, over 20 years of how to tell people how to shop, it takes a lot out of you.

Chris Pedersen Children’s Book

Grab your cape and join the fun! Aiden is just an ordinary kid—loves costume play, watching clouds pass by, seeing castles in the sky… and he doesn’t like vegetables.

In The Prisoner of Carrot Castle, book one in the Veggie Chronicles series, Aiden’s imagination transports him to a far away place where he finds himself a prisoner in a cell made of carrots. What will he do? Must he face the angry King? Will his hate for vegetables get him in trouble? Come along and help Aiden as he tries to escape from Carrot Castle.

The book also includes curriculum for teachers and parents.

Nutrition: Darren Wayne


Kamala Appel: Hello everyone, this is Kamala Appel and I’m here with Darren Wayne. We are going to be talking about how to live a healthy lifestyle and it might be easier than you thought which is why we are talking to different people, today I’m talking to Darren. Darren please introduce yourself to everyone so people can know a little bit about you

Darren Wayne: Of course, well I’m Darren Wayne but my colleagues call me Dr. Wayne, whichever is fine though. I have a PhD in Bioscience and I’m Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner. I have been in practice well over 20 years but I’ve been teaching ever since I was a little boy. I come from a strong background of natural doctors and naturalists in my family, so I certainly do know a lot about the body more than what medical schools teach I’m proud to say. I’ve heard and seen it all.

So many have come from the medical industry of taking drugs and surgery, and have been new to the natural holistic side of treating disease. Many have been pleasantly surprised to know that they don’t have to endure side effects. This is the most endearing aspect of actually treating disease without drugs or pills.

I have had the privilege of talking to people from all over the world many of which have been sent home to die because their doctors can’t help them anymore. There aren’t any more drugs to lessen the pain, and there’s nothing more to cut out of you so they send you home to just tell your family to take care of you and make sure you’re comfortable. Well I’ve seen since I was a little boy with my mother and my grandmother, all of them at that time used strictly food telling people how to eat, what foods are good, and what foods are bad. Now we all know eat fruits and vegetables but people don’t realize that there are several different levels of quality food in this country all the way down to foodless food that isn’t even real food but taste like it. All the way up to food powerful enough actually, you can notice a huge difference and feel less pain in a matter of days kind of like drugs do and everything in between.

I did go to college, university, and I did a lot of volunteer work at clinic so I was able to see the drug side of treating disease. I can tell you that the problems in disease really come down to treating symptoms and ignoring the cause so the wonderful thing about being a natural doctor is I don’t deal with drugs or anything like that. I have no need to do anything like that because I know the power of food. I’ve been teaching this for many years now, few decades already, and I’m happy to share this with your listeners as well.

Kamala Appel: That’s incredible, I think considering now the raised consciousness of addictions and abuse of prescription drugs. That’s like the new pot but it was like pot in the ‘60s and ‘70s, cocaine in the ‘80s, and crack in the ‘90s. Now the new rage is open up your cabinet, whatever people can find, just take it in mass quantities and that’s a pretty horrifying phenomena going on in our country. So I’m wondering, what got you on the path to being so committed to having a healthy lifestyle, did you have an “aha” moment or were you kind of always living healthy?

Darren Wayne: I was raised that way; of course I didn’t I have to choose. I was raised to eat only food, I’m probably only the few people left in this country that has never been vaccinated or inoculated. People think I’m either a mutant or a mad man but I promise you I’m neither. I’m a simple man whose immune system has never been compromised with shots.

Kamala Appel: Wow, when were you born?

Darren Wayne: I was born in the early ‘70s.

Kamala Appel: Okay, so I mean you’re young. It’s not like you’re born in the ‘40s or ‘50s when people got those weird diseases.

Darren Wayne: Oh no, those weird diseases are now very common today though but yeah my parents, they have this knowledge already. Of course if I was raised in a typical family where everyone relied on what mainstream medical said; I’d have a body filled with shots, vaccines, and drugs for every sniffle I have and every type of soda pop you can imagine that I’d be drinking. This is what a typical family that I saw growing up would be doing each and every day, but I myself would often look at them and think to myself, “wow”. They seem to be getting along with people a lot more out there in mainstream but they’re really sick, always sick; allergies, coughs, flu’s every winter. What’s wrong with them? I never got sick so I didn’t understand that growing up.

I thought the healthier you are, the more noticed you’d be and more respected you become, but I realized later in life that no, that’s not how it works. When you’re ridiculed, you know you’re doing something right. When you’re kind of considered an outcast or the alternative crazy health-nut guy then you know you’re doing something right. When you fit in, when you’re part of the pack, when everyone loves you wherever you go, when you can chat about drugs and which drug plan is best, and kind of fit in with the stereotypical patient who is suffering from a disease out there, and get along in their conversation, know what they’re talking about and feel their pain. When you’re able to experience all of that then you fit right in, they say “I’ll pray for you”. Yeah, good luck.

But no one knows anything about how to be healthy. They know to eat fruits and vegetables; they know this already. They’ve heard it their entire life since they were children. Their problem isn’t that they don’t have the knowledge or they don’t have the means to find these healthier foods. It’s just plain old inconvenient and believe you me no one likes to be persecuted for believing what’s right.

It’s always easier to follow the crowd and what’s up with the crowd these days? Well, they’re dying left and right, every single day a baby dies; a little boy, a little girl, a mother, a father, some child, grandmother, grandfather dying every single day from completely preventable diseases all because they follow a crowd. They only know the thought of the crowd which is treat symptoms, pray, and hope for the best. That’s all they got, that’s all they go for and they’re so dependent on this system of treatment and so loyal to it that if anyone ever tries to suggest that there is another way. They’ll either ridicule you, they’ll make fun of you, or just straight out hate you and think you’re a snake oil salesmen.

Kamala Appel: Well I think there is something to that statement of misery likes company. Also how the leaders at some point, if you look at basic history, leaders pretty much in every field of thought from philosophy especially science; but even in literature and music that leaders in an industry tend to be treated as the outcast because no one else can get their mind around it. Then a hundred years later, people say “well it’s so obvious that the world isn’t flat”. Well I bet you if you were alive five hundred years ago, you would have been one of those laughing at someone thinking “well we probably could go around the world and not fall of the edge.”

Darren Wayne: Well yeah actually, when you introduce something new in my case telling people to eat healthy food, I can imagine that everything new; nevertheless it seems to be regarded as the alternative. If you go back in time far enough, drugs and surgeries are far more alternative than eating food, but okay fine I will stick with that stereotype of being the alternative natural doctor. Sure, that’s okay I can live with that but there are many medical doctors in the past who have come to the realization that the system in which they are using does not cure anyone. Why do you think every surgery you do, you have to sign your life away to a statement that says “oh if we kill you, you won’t sue us” because they know they can’t cure a thing and if they did they lose billions and trillions of dollars.

There’s this one medical doctor a few decades back, Glenn A. Warner M.D., he was quoted saying, “we have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.” That is the entire medical industry in one little nut shell, that’s the entire industry. It has nothing to do with health. It has nothing to do with curing anything, and if you think throwing money at a disease is going to cure it. It’s probably you added up all the donations for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes alone. We’re talking probably half a trillion dollars, do you actually think another million is going to make a difference? They’re not aiming at a cure and they don’t want to. I’m sorry to say, they don’t want to and they really can’t because if they did cure this disease, billions of dollars worth of income that families are earning from drugs, surgical equipment, salaries, etc., a lot of families’ lives would be ruined. It’s so entrenched in societies nowadays that you really can’t, even if all the governments got together, something wonderful happen in their brains that told them all at once, “you know what let’s cure disease right now, here it is.” Even if they did do that, society would come to a standstill because so much is relied on the medical industry. So it’s not my goal to change society, I just want to help a few people along the way.

Anti-Inflammation Diet Update

Liking the chia seed “gel” before meals (AM and PM) it does seem to curb my appetite and cravings for some junk. I noticed my tongue is brighter since I switched toothpaste. And my breathing is better through my nose. And dare I say that my tummy is making a comeback. Yeah!

Nutrition: Tara Rayburn


My name is Tara Rayburn, aka the “Healthy Habit Coach”. I empower people with daily, sustainable and uplifting habits. My degree is in Radio and Television, but my heart and soul is in inspiring others to become “Ripples of Health” in our world. My expertise is learning the wisdom of old world ways and how we can take those to our daily lives for a great foundation of health.

Although my mother and granny instilled a desire to discover healthy things in our world, my commitment to health became my purpose after having children with severe allergies and sensitivities. The “Ah-Ha” moment came when we all hit rock bottom (thought we were doing things well). I learned that it is rarely only 1 thing that causes us “Disease” or “Illness” nor is it usually just 1 thing that builds long lasting health.

I have found many wonderful surprises when it comes to health and fitness. First and foremost, those crazy things my mom and granny used to tell us to do all had very sound foundations. For example, granny wouldn’t let us drink water with our meals. She said it diluted our digestive juices. I finally agree. That afternoon nap they used to require me to take has become my ‘reset’ button.

I still find it challenging to keep practicing healthy habits over the holiday period from Halloween to New Year’s Day. I have kids and coming up with healthy, fun alternatives for all the gatherings can be tough. Keeping a good balance of work, family and me time is really tricky. But I manage to stay motivated for two reasons: First, my children and next my faith.

If you are struggling to stay motivated I encourage you to find a higher purpose in your goal. I don’t know about you, but trying to fit into that pair of jeans I wore in high school only gets so far in getting me to the gym. However, realizing that by walking my talk and by showing up to the plate, I can oftentimes encourage those around me struggling with even greater challenges. That is a fantastic motivation for me.