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Monisha Randolph (pt 2)

monisha randolph’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 4)


The biggest surprise about health and fitness to me was how spiritual running it can be. I quickly discovered how my daily runs provided an opportunity for me spend time in thought about God and his purpose for my life. Running is cheaper than therapy. I have been able to process a number of things while out running.

Heart: Mikaya Heart


Kamala Appel: Hi this is Kamala Appel, I’m here tonight with Mikaya Heart. We’re going to share some information to help other people live a healthier life. First I’d like to give Mikaya the opportunity to introduce herself and tell us a little bit about her background. Mikaya, please introduce yourself.

Mikaya Heart: Hi; so I’m an author and I’m now a coach in the art of being fully alive, which is really something I took up doing when I had what I call my epiphany or my “aha” moment; however you put it, when I really changed my life. So anyway what I teach people is about allowing universal energy to move through you freely. There are different ways of doing that for everyone, but that is for me the ultimate definition of good health. And I write books on different subjects, but they are all described as inspiring reads, which I love.

Kamala Appel: So when did you decided to make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and why; so in other words what was your “aha” moment that really made you inspired and committed?

Mikaya Heart: I was living the kind of life that everybody lives; which is running around and doing things and staying very busy all day, and getting stressed out. And over a period of what was really a period of about three years various things happened. The first thing that happened is I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and that really took me up short.

But I didn’t immediately change my life; I was mulling it over, thinking about it a lot. Then I started really questioning what life was about, and I had a couple of very startling experiences which…they were very personal; so an onlooker wouldn’t have seen anything. One of them was an experience of absolute bliss that I suppose might be called a story of enlightenment.

Kamala Appel: Nirvana?

Mikaya Heart: And left me with very much of an awareness that my being is much more important than anything I do or have. Then another one was, I won’t go into that too much; I met myself in the mirror, and it was very extraordinary. That left me with the awareness that there was nothing…I had no excuse to be motivated by fear, and that I really only wanted to be motivated by trust.

And then the fourth thing that happened, which was most spectacular by a long is that I fell on my head. I fell off a horse on my head, and I lay unconscious in the dirt for probably two hours or so. When I awoke I couldn’t really move, and I just knew that my body needed help. And I wasn’t even thinking bad, I wasn’t thinking in terms of who I was or where I was until I realized that I needed help.

And then I realized that the nearest house was about half a mile away, and I couldn’t even walk. And in the next instant I’d found myself in that house. The woman that lived there said I just fell in the door, and she called an ambulance, it took me to a hospital and I was fine. I had a concussion, I actually spent three days feeling really, really, really, happy, and pleased with life and just appreciating the beauty of life and being me; then I got back into my busy life.

Then there came a time about a few months later, and when I looked back and I thought I have just got back into my busy life and I’ve had all these different wake up calls and now is the time to change. And in that moment I decided that I would do whatever I needed to do to live an absolutely stress-free life.

So I sold my place, what I earned, I sold my place and I took off traveling, and I had some…my life is…I have the most wonderful live now. And over the last few years, that was in 2000 when that happened, and over the last few years I’ve developed my practice as a coach. It’s really about teaching people to be motivated by trust.

Kamala Appel: So did you feel after having a concussion and falling off the horse; hopefully you got your horse back. But after that then did you appreciate things a little bit more? Do you think that was part of what made you feel more blissful or just having that brush of being unconscious for two hours?

Mikaya Heart: I think things got…you know, I fell on my head; I think things go shifted around in my head. I was just able to perhaps…you might put it being more in my left brain and less in the rational part of the brain or more in the part of my brain appreciates things.

All Heart Month

Can you believe it’s already February? I can’t. February promises to be an action-packed month:

1) First and foremost is Super Bowl Sunday and my team’s in it to win it- GO NINERS! It’s no secret that I’m a BIG 49ers fan and I’m probably going to watch at Skates in Berkeley (great view, big screens, but not drunken), so if you’re interested in joining me, please contact me (I’d love to have a pack of rowdies with me).


2) If you’re interested in marketing and mingling, the SFAMA is hosting two super-hot events this month: One mixer and one educational (social media). I will be there with bells on and hope to see some of your smiling faces as well. They both promise to be packed and sell out, so don’t delay, register today:


3) Some of you know that I’m a fan of taking control of your health and not taking it for granted. Some of you may know that February is Wear Red Month in honor of the American Heart Association’s campaign to raise awareness about heart disease (the Number #1 killer in our country). A few of you may even know that I was a volunteer coach for the AHA Marathon Running Team, but do any of you know why?

I going to share a memory that is very painful for me to revisit, but I will do so because I want to remind you all to be grateful for your health and not let your quest for success lead you astray:

Exactly one day and one year after September 11th, my family’s life changed for the worse. I entered my mother’s house and when she didn’t respond to my calling her name, I went to look for her. I noticed that there was water all over the bathroom floor and in the hallway leading up to her room. I had no idea what had happened. Then I found her lying unconscious on her bedroom floor.

“Mom?” I uttered, trying to awaken her, but she didn’t respond.

I had a feeling that she had an accident and possibly a stroke so I immediately called 9-1-1. After telling the dispatcher that I thought my mother had a stroke because she was unconscious and unresponsive, and telling him the address. I struggled to pull her on to her bed and get her dressed before the EMTs arrived. She apparently had fallen when exiting the shower, so I wanted to preserve her dignity by dressing her.

I managed to lift and dress her, and call work and my assistant to say I wouldn’t be there because I had to go to the emergency room with my mother all before the ambulance arrived. It felt like an eternity before help came. I was in a daze, a complete state of shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I went back in to check on my mother and tell her what I thought was happening: that I feared she had a stroke and that I called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She mustered up the strength to softly utter the last words that I would hear her say with her original normal voice- “Thank you.”

I can’t begin to tell you how much has changed for the worse since that day. She suffers from aphasia and dizziness from the multitude of medications she has to take. I am the only one who helps her and she refuses to take advantage of the resources that all of our taxes pay for, including hers for the 30+ years she worked for the State of California. I lost my job because Peralta Colleges didn’t like the fact that I took the day off to go to the ER.

Enough said about dark moments. My point of sharing this with you all is that we are more than a community of business owners, we are a community of people with challenges in our lives that shape us and motivate us to do good beyond just good work. I would not wish my experience on anyone else, but wishing is not enough. I was willing to hit up everyone I knew for cash during the recession, host a film festival, and walk from El Cerrito to Oakland asking for sponsor donations to raffle off, because I wanted to raise $4,000 to prevent what happened to my mother from happening to anyone else, and to keep another family from becoming collateral damage of a stroke. I encourage you all to take advantage of February to think about how you can be a little healthier and bring the gift of good health to others. If you’re looking for support and easy tips, check out my free community and I’d love it if you liked it. (-:


Happy Feb Club!


Kamala, KEA Productions

PS- I’m extending the $13 offer for my course through Super Bowl Sunday: If you’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants to add web video to your marketing mix, you can enroll in my online course STANDOUT AND MOVE UP WITH EFFECTIVE WEB VIDEO for only $13 until Feb. 3 with code SUPER49ERS.


Heart: Monisha Randolph


My name is Monisha Randolph. I currently reside in my hometown, Dallas, TX. I received a BA in Communications from the University of New Orleans and a MBA from the University of Dallas. When I think of my health journey I would consider myself as an amateur enthusiast turned health advocate.

I made a commitment to living a healthier life in 2007 when I had an aunt die from health complications connected to obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. She had all three and when I was a teenager. She had a stroke and never recovered. By the time she died I was a college graduate and was fully aware of all three health complications I previously mentioned. It really hurt me to see my aunt die that way.

Around 2008, I decided to get a gym membership. My visits to the gym were very sporadic and I didn’t make that many dietary changes. I honestly didn’t start working out on a consistent basis until 2009. It was around this time I realized that being healthy was an everyday journey and I would have to take things one day at a time. In 2010 I ran my first 10K and full marathon. While, training for my first marathon, I kept a journal. I’ve been hooked on running since.

All Heart

You’ve Gotta Have Heart

Even though I know how important exercise, diet, and stress management are to good health; I still find stress management challenging. I have had cortisol level issues ever since my mother’s stroke because I’m the only one who really helps her. I work to remind myself that my health is at least, if not more important than anyone else’s and that I should not feel guilty or jeopardize my health for someone else.

So I try to prevent heart disease from destroying another family by educating others about the need to take control of your health. The desire to motivate others is why I was a volunteer running coach for the American Heart Association and why I decided to write this book.

My time with AHA allowed me to inspire and be inspired. Although I can’t say that the organization or staff impressed me, I can say from the bottom of my heart that my teammates were my reason for being a part of the program. Unlike many other charity training, many of the participants in the training teams for AHA were stroke survivors. And for those who don’t know it, heart disease is the number one killer in this nation. Many might not know that babies are among the largest growing population of stroke victims. The fact that those who are hit by a stroke often do not ever fully recover is beyond unfortunate. Yet, I do feel fortunate to have run and walked along side of some true fighters who are victorious in their own right. One of my most spirited teammates was old enough to be my grandmother.

Remember when you were a kid and people would say “Yo, granny” to psych you out? Like “my granny could hit that harder than you”; or another rendition of my granny this or that. (Maybe not all of you went to public school…)

Well, I’m saying “Yo, granny!” to psych you up. Let me explain: Some of you may be second guessing yourself… Well you know what I think- what I know- YES YOU CAN!

When I was training for the marathon with the Train to End Stroke Team, one of my team-mates was an 82 year old lady named Betty. Betty was training for a half marathon. She was out each and every Saturday morning. She made it up and down the hills. She always had a smile on her face. No really. I would even sneak up on her (something that was easy to do since she was hard of hearing- Ha!) and as I ran past her cheering her on, I noticed that the smile was there before, during, and after I jogged by- yep.

Betty had had a stroke, bypass surgery after a heart attack, and a double mastectomy after having breast cancer. So what was that crazy little old lady smiling about? I think she was smiling just to be out and about, moving in fresh air, enjoying the sunshine, and feeding off the energy of her team-mates.

So, if you’re questioning if you can fight the good fight, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you’re questioning if you can get your butt out of bed and hit the pavement, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you’re questioning if you can make a healthier meal, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you’re questioning if you can find the time for you, think of 82 year old Betty.
If little old Betty can do it, I know each and every one of you can too.

And I’m sure that next set of interview participants would agree. They have all been motivated by a health scare of their own or a loved one that gave them a real reason for being healthier.

Heart- coming soon

Monisha Randolph
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Mikaya Heart
Marjorie Mae (audio only)