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Ron Johnson (pt 2)

ron johnson’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 4)


Kamala Appel:           I think that…that’s part of your destiny perhaps.  Because…that’s good.  So what has surprised you, if anything, that you’ve learned about health and fitness as you’ve been getting healthier and more fit; was there anything along the way that surprised you?


Ron Johnson:            At first it was pretty tough to fit in there, even though I was motivated by trying to become healthier.   It isn’t instantaneous; you have to continue for a while.  But eventually I found that it became very…it’s actually very fun; it’s a lot of fun.


Kamala Appel:           So it’s more fun than you thought.


Ron Johnson:            Yeah, because…and still at the gym where I work now people, which is East Side Athletic Club in Portland.  A lot of people…you complain or they say that they’re glad when their workout is over, and that type of thing.  But, I’ve actually found it to be the highlight of my day to be able to go into the gym and workout.  And of course I’m teaching yoga classes there; I eventually went back and got my…got a teaching certificate, and have been taking more and more workshops and seminars, and that type of thing.

John Salat (pt 2)

john salat’s reasons for being (Pt.2 of 5)


Kamala:  Right, so I mean did that (how the medical community treated you) ever surprise you or did anything along your journey to be healthy yourself and help others come as a surprise to you?

John S.: Yeah you know I really you know one thing I learned is I work myself and students and students teach me everything I have students who you know who have a lot of concern and worry and they want to talk to me before a class and I just say is it ok if we save it after the hour of class. And I get their permission to say yes and then we did one hour of work and then I ask them again the same question so what is it you want to talk about and they say I don’t have anything to talk about. So what it tells me is that pain and suffering concerns and worries and how we experience our body or mind is so abstract that it really is fabrication that starts to eat us alive. And so I realize once we get in our bones you know that’s simply who we are, there’s just a quite peace as an inner peace that starts to take over.

Kamala:  So when you say that is often the fabrication what do you mean? Like a focus shift? When they shift their focus?

John S.:  It’s kind of like our mind kind of builds up a crescendo how people have the anxiety attacks and they start to accelerate it more and more breathing and our heart beating. You it’s like kind of echoing effect and I think that kind of true with any kind of paradigm that as soon as we start becoming overwhelmed and attach to it, it starts to take control over us. And all it’s just the emotions get triggered and it starts to run us. So, you know the whole idea is to neutralize that so that the motion don’t become the truth just the energy itself that’s expressing but then it passes through as quickly as it comes so we’re not attach to the emotion either. And all about this thing an open free flow system and saying oh I’m experiencing another moment now, without bringing all the meaning and energy charge to it.

Kamala: And it’s kind of dwelling on it and magnifying it.

John S.: Exactly.

Eugene Crowley (pt 2)


eugene crowley’s reasons for being (Pt.2 of 4)

Good health and fitness and the most important ideas of life originated in the East, the present Mid-East where the goal for the elite was to open both sides of the mind. These cultures were inner cultures that cultivated the mind and their moral principles that gave them a connection to their communities, nature, and the universe. The Western idea of health may rely mostly on looking like a picture of good health in being physically fit and attractive. This model is somewhat out of balance because it leaves no room for developing the spirit. There should be a balance among the body, mind, and the spirit.

All Heart Month

Can you believe it’s already February? I can’t. February promises to be an action-packed month:

1) First and foremost is Super Bowl Sunday and my team’s in it to win it- GO NINERS! It’s no secret that I’m a BIG 49ers fan and I’m probably going to watch at Skates in Berkeley (great view, big screens, but not drunken), so if you’re interested in joining me, please contact me (I’d love to have a pack of rowdies with me).


2) If you’re interested in marketing and mingling, the SFAMA is hosting two super-hot events this month: One mixer and one educational (social media). I will be there with bells on and hope to see some of your smiling faces as well. They both promise to be packed and sell out, so don’t delay, register today:


3) Some of you know that I’m a fan of taking control of your health and not taking it for granted. Some of you may know that February is Wear Red Month in honor of the American Heart Association’s campaign to raise awareness about heart disease (the Number #1 killer in our country). A few of you may even know that I was a volunteer coach for the AHA Marathon Running Team, but do any of you know why?

I going to share a memory that is very painful for me to revisit, but I will do so because I want to remind you all to be grateful for your health and not let your quest for success lead you astray:

Exactly one day and one year after September 11th, my family’s life changed for the worse. I entered my mother’s house and when she didn’t respond to my calling her name, I went to look for her. I noticed that there was water all over the bathroom floor and in the hallway leading up to her room. I had no idea what had happened. Then I found her lying unconscious on her bedroom floor.

“Mom?” I uttered, trying to awaken her, but she didn’t respond.

I had a feeling that she had an accident and possibly a stroke so I immediately called 9-1-1. After telling the dispatcher that I thought my mother had a stroke because she was unconscious and unresponsive, and telling him the address. I struggled to pull her on to her bed and get her dressed before the EMTs arrived. She apparently had fallen when exiting the shower, so I wanted to preserve her dignity by dressing her.

I managed to lift and dress her, and call work and my assistant to say I wouldn’t be there because I had to go to the emergency room with my mother all before the ambulance arrived. It felt like an eternity before help came. I was in a daze, a complete state of shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I went back in to check on my mother and tell her what I thought was happening: that I feared she had a stroke and that I called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She mustered up the strength to softly utter the last words that I would hear her say with her original normal voice- “Thank you.”

I can’t begin to tell you how much has changed for the worse since that day. She suffers from aphasia and dizziness from the multitude of medications she has to take. I am the only one who helps her and she refuses to take advantage of the resources that all of our taxes pay for, including hers for the 30+ years she worked for the State of California. I lost my job because Peralta Colleges didn’t like the fact that I took the day off to go to the ER.

Enough said about dark moments. My point of sharing this with you all is that we are more than a community of business owners, we are a community of people with challenges in our lives that shape us and motivate us to do good beyond just good work. I would not wish my experience on anyone else, but wishing is not enough. I was willing to hit up everyone I knew for cash during the recession, host a film festival, and walk from El Cerrito to Oakland asking for sponsor donations to raffle off, because I wanted to raise $4,000 to prevent what happened to my mother from happening to anyone else, and to keep another family from becoming collateral damage of a stroke. I encourage you all to take advantage of February to think about how you can be a little healthier and bring the gift of good health to others. If you’re looking for support and easy tips, check out my free community and I’d love it if you liked it. (-:


Happy Feb Club!


Kamala, KEA Productions

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Balance: Gene Crowley


I taught high school English Grammar and World Literature for 32 years in Chicago’s public schools. I like mythology very much. I am acquainted with Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu, Buddhist, and American Indian mythologies. When I studied for my Master’s in Psychology, I identified with Carl Jung who used mythology as a tool for his patients in therapy. Jung’s archetypes or universal behavior patterns identifies many of the roles that we often play: the warrior, lover, the healthy king, mother goddess, the trickster, the wise man, and the orphan. Jung’s goal for his patients was self-actualization, another name for awaking the spirit or being re-born in the spirit. This is our true reason for being.

I decided to live a more healthy life when I studied Jung. I was near the age of 35, and Jung indicated at that age individuals should become more introverted and attune to their spiritual sides. An “aha” moment occurred after I realized Jung’s approach to his self-actualization was the same idea that the ancient Egyptians had in their commanding man to know himself. That was the order for self-development or self-knowledge. The reason for being is to know the self as a spiritual being endowed with the inexhaustible gifts of the spirit. Our goal is to awaken our true self and become a service to humanity.

Balance: John Salat


Kamala Appel: Hello everyone this is Kamala Appel A.K.A. “the Key” and KEA Productions. We are here with John Salat and we are going to be talking on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Which I would think all of us aspired to do, but hopefully in a manageable way which is what we are focusing on? So John please introduced yourself and tell people a little bit about your background.

John Salat: Oh. Thank you, Kamala. Yeah, well I am a book author and my experience is really working with energy work and energy medicine and energy balancing. And I just have taken it to different levels starting with the human potential level into transformational type of education and experiential education so, isolyser energy charge with everything so I’ve taken that to different levels and teaching classes and Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki meditation energy movement dance classes and I’ve led classes to a lot of celebrities and people even people in the medical field and even work at a medical clinic for both physical therapist and psychologist and doctors and interfacing this work which is perhaps considered new to many people.

Kamala: Although I think it’s probably been around for probably thousands of years or so.

John S.: Yeah exactly, yeah it’s not new. Yeah it’s old as the hills as long as the energy is always been around us and it’s always accessible you don’t need tools or instruments and it’s about as natural as life is itself.

Kamala: So I’m wondering how the medical community has treated you: if they embraced you or if they kind of approached you with a level of cynicism. Sometimes it surprises me because I think if you’re a doctor you’d want your patience to be healthy, you would think, whatever it takes. But I have noticed that sometimes Western medicine pooh-poohs some holistic or Eastern medicine or alternative forms of healing. How has the medical community treated you?

John S.: You know it does feel challenging sometimes, I work at two different centers. One is where people are mentally health challenged, I use reiki and energy medicine there and then I also use moving awareness such as tai chi and alternate those classes there. And they’ve really look at results they don’t care about the means and the methods where the other place is a pain clinic center where people experiencing pain for more than a year. With insurances are just being dragged down because their on medications and pain killers and stuff so we’re like the last hope. They’re a little more conservative there and just want me to stick with the moving energy or moving kinesthetical work and not with the energy medicine because I was kind of reprimanded so I go ‘oh ouch’. You definitely fill that in and course you know I just have seem like it’s all integrative medicine sound like once better than the other and I really a team player but I just know that people just a have certain skepticism and it is out there you know, no doubt, it’s not like it’s always you know places people would share everything.