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Mikaya Heart (pt 2)

mikaya heart’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 4)

Kamala Appel:           So what have you learned about health and fitness that surprised you?


Mikaya Heart:            I think really the real key thing that I’ve never even thought about how it is just being me in a place of joy.  It’s because I looked at what my priorities were in life, my priorities and my priorities in life were to spread joy and to make people happy.  And what surprised me is when I realized, I mean furtively realized that the best way of doing that for me personally is to be enjoyed, be healthy and happy; and because it’s infectious, because people get from each other…


Kamala Appel:           Was that a surprise to you?


Mikaya Heart:            Yes, I didn’t realized that that.  I thought it was things you did that made the difference; and it’s not, it’s the way you are that makes the difference in the world.


Kamala Appel:           So more the way you feel?


Mikaya Heart:            Yes, people…when people are around somebody who’s healthy and happy and in a place of peace then they realize that it’s possible for them to do that too.


Kamala Appel:           So apparently it contagious just like a smile; like they say it’s like a smile’s contagious, laughter’s contagious.


Mikaya Heart:            Yes, like a smile yes.  And one of the things that I do now to keep myself in this place is; as soon as I get stressed out I start being bitchy and irritable.  I just know that I don’t want to be that way in the world; so that’s always my motivation.  Whenever I start seeing myself behave like that I just stop, and I just sit for a while and I look at what is it I’m doing that’s making this happen, and what do I need to do to change it.


And because I sold my place I don’t have the same list of things to do all the time; so I can choose what I do much more.  And one of the other things I do that actually has been very profound for me is I took up kite surfing.  Do you know what kite surfing is?


Kamala Appel:           Yes I do. Actually people do it down here; I’m in the Bay area so I’ve definitely seen people do it in the East Bay.


Mikaya Heart:            You’ve probably seen me do it there.


Kamala Appel:           Oh okay, because it sounds like you’re more up in Napa/Sonoma.


Mikaya Heart:            No, but I don’t live here full time, I still travel all the time.  So in the summer I spent quite a bit of time in the Bay area kite surfing.  Anyway it brings me…when I’m out in the water there’s this incredible dance with the water and the wind.  And it always brings me to this place of just absolute knowing what…knowing what really matters.  Everything looks so pulled away.


Kamala Appel:           I can understand I do triathlons.

Mikaya Heart:            If there is one thing that keeps me healthy I would say it is kite surfing.

Ron Johnson (pt 2)

ron johnson’s reasons for being (Pt. 2 of 4)


Kamala Appel:           I think that…that’s part of your destiny perhaps.  Because…that’s good.  So what has surprised you, if anything, that you’ve learned about health and fitness as you’ve been getting healthier and more fit; was there anything along the way that surprised you?


Ron Johnson:            At first it was pretty tough to fit in there, even though I was motivated by trying to become healthier.   It isn’t instantaneous; you have to continue for a while.  But eventually I found that it became very…it’s actually very fun; it’s a lot of fun.


Kamala Appel:           So it’s more fun than you thought.


Ron Johnson:            Yeah, because…and still at the gym where I work now people, which is East Side Athletic Club in Portland.  A lot of people…you complain or they say that they’re glad when their workout is over, and that type of thing.  But, I’ve actually found it to be the highlight of my day to be able to go into the gym and workout.  And of course I’m teaching yoga classes there; I eventually went back and got my…got a teaching certificate, and have been taking more and more workshops and seminars, and that type of thing.