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John Salat (pt 2)

john salat’s reasons for being (Pt.2 of 5)


Kamala:  Right, so I mean did that (how the medical community treated you) ever surprise you or did anything along your journey to be healthy yourself and help others come as a surprise to you?

John S.: Yeah you know I really you know one thing I learned is I work myself and students and students teach me everything I have students who you know who have a lot of concern and worry and they want to talk to me before a class and I just say is it ok if we save it after the hour of class. And I get their permission to say yes and then we did one hour of work and then I ask them again the same question so what is it you want to talk about and they say I don’t have anything to talk about. So what it tells me is that pain and suffering concerns and worries and how we experience our body or mind is so abstract that it really is fabrication that starts to eat us alive. And so I realize once we get in our bones you know that’s simply who we are, there’s just a quite peace as an inner peace that starts to take over.

Kamala:  So when you say that is often the fabrication what do you mean? Like a focus shift? When they shift their focus?

John S.:  It’s kind of like our mind kind of builds up a crescendo how people have the anxiety attacks and they start to accelerate it more and more breathing and our heart beating. You it’s like kind of echoing effect and I think that kind of true with any kind of paradigm that as soon as we start becoming overwhelmed and attach to it, it starts to take control over us. And all it’s just the emotions get triggered and it starts to run us. So, you know the whole idea is to neutralize that so that the motion don’t become the truth just the energy itself that’s expressing but then it passes through as quickly as it comes so we’re not attach to the emotion either. And all about this thing an open free flow system and saying oh I’m experiencing another moment now, without bringing all the meaning and energy charge to it.

Kamala: And it’s kind of dwelling on it and magnifying it.

John S.: Exactly.

Chris Pedersen Children’s Book

Grab your cape and join the fun! Aiden is just an ordinary kid—loves costume play, watching clouds pass by, seeing castles in the sky… and he doesn’t like vegetables.

In The Prisoner of Carrot Castle, book one in the Veggie Chronicles series, Aiden’s imagination transports him to a far away place where he finds himself a prisoner in a cell made of carrots. What will he do? Must he face the angry King? Will his hate for vegetables get him in trouble? Come along and help Aiden as he tries to escape from Carrot Castle.

The book also includes curriculum for teachers and parents.

Eugene Crowley (pt 2)


eugene crowley’s reasons for being (Pt.2 of 4)

Good health and fitness and the most important ideas of life originated in the East, the present Mid-East where the goal for the elite was to open both sides of the mind. These cultures were inner cultures that cultivated the mind and their moral principles that gave them a connection to their communities, nature, and the universe. The Western idea of health may rely mostly on looking like a picture of good health in being physically fit and attractive. This model is somewhat out of balance because it leaves no room for developing the spirit. There should be a balance among the body, mind, and the spirit.