You've Gotta Have HEART

Even though I know how important exercise, diet, and stress management are to good health; I still find stress management challenging. I have had cortisol level issues ever since my mother's stroke because I'm the only one who really helps her. I work to remind myself that my health is at least, if not more important than anyone else's and that I should not feel guilty or jeopardize my health for someone else.

So I try to prevent heart disease from destroying another family by educating others about the need to take control of your health. The desire to motivate others is why I was a volunteer running coach for the American Heart Association and why I decided to write this book.

My time with AHA allowed me to inspire and be inspired. Although I can't say that the organization or staff impressed me, I can say from the bottom of my heart that my teammates were my reason for being a part of the program. Unlike many other charity training, many of the participants in the training teams for AHA were stroke survivors. And for those who don't know it, heart disease is the number one killer in this nation. Many might not know that babies are among the largest growing population of stroke victims. The fact that those who are hit by a stroke often do not ever fully recover is beyond unfortunate. Yet, I do feel fortunate to have run and walked along side of some true fighters who are victorious in their own right. One of my most spirited teammates was old enough to be my grandmother.

Remember when you were a kid and people would say "Yo, granny" to psych you out? Like "my granny could hit that harder than you"; or another rendition of my granny this or that. (Maybe not all of you went to public school...)

Well, I'm saying "Yo, granny!" to psych you up. Let me explain: Some of you may be second guessing yourself... Well you know what I think- what I know- YES YOU CAN!

When I was training for the marathon with the Train to End Stroke Team, one of my team-mates was an 82 year old lady named Betty. Betty was training for a half marathon. She was out each and every Saturday morning. She made it up and down the hills. She always had a smile on her face. No really. I would even sneak up on her (something that was easy to do since she was hard of hearing- Ha!) and as I ran past her cheering her on, I noticed that the smile was there before, during, and after I jogged by- yep.

Betty had had a stroke, bypass surgery after a heart attack, and a double mastectomy after having breast cancer. So what was that crazy little old lady smiling about? I think she was smiling just to be out and about, moving in fresh air, enjoying the sunshine, and feeding off the energy of her team-mates.

So, if you're questioning if you can fight the good fight, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you're questioning if you can get your butt out of bed and hit the pavement, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you're questioning if you can make a healthier meal, think of 82 year old Betty.
If you're questioning if you can find the time for you, think of 82 year old Betty.
If little old Betty can do it, I know each and every one of you can too.

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