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Hello, my name is Kamala Appel, aka "the key" in KEA Productions. I'd like to welcome you to the Reasons for Being Community, where people come together to share ideas and reasons for living a healthy lifestyle.

I decided to put together this book because it horrifies me to see the way our country is going. The addictions to over-the-counter and prescription drugs, obesity, and level of depression are at epidemic levels nationwide. I am not perfect and quite frankly doubt that anyone has managed to achieve perfection. However, I do believe that together we can achieve better health as individuals and eventually take back our nation's health and well-being.

When I was a volunteer running coach for the American Heart Association, it really dawned on me how important it is to share your knowledge, inspirational stories, challenges, and most importantly your reasons why you do something with a whole-hearted commitment. So I thought I would share my reasons for being healthy and ask some others who were passionate about living a healthy lifestyle to do the same. It is my hope that if we pool our resources, we can work towards achieving happier and healthier lives.

With the goal of making healthier choices and inspiring others to do the same, I decided to set out and interview everyday Americans who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. They range from experts and professionals to amateur enthusiasts and novices. It is my hope that the interviews will inform and inspire you.

I asked each of them a consistent set of questions in effort to see what the overlaps and divergences would be. Here are the questions I asked:

When did you make a commitment to live a healthy life and why? What was your "aha" moment, if you had one?

What have you learned about health and fitness that surprised you?

What aspects about living a healthy lifestyle still challenge you and what do you do to stay motivated?

What are you top 3 tips that would you share to help others live a healthy life with ease?

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